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Noëlla came by recommendation at our firm's inception over 17 years ago. GeoMaps, Inc. specializes in aerial mapping services and every day in our office, it is a busy day, thus Noëlla's assistance is indispensable. Her knowledge, and her sparkle, makes her a wonderful addition to our company. Noëlla works independently, she is conscientious of deadlines and she puts things back on my desk exactly as she found them. If there is a task to be completed, I can unconditionally count on Noëlla to get it done.

Baldur Tryggvason, President
GeoMaps, Incorporated
Mather Field Road
Rancho Cordova, California
(916) 361-9133

Obtaining Noëlla as part of our team, five years ago, was a true miracle. I require a clean, neat and quiet workspace so that I can produce the best results for my clients. On a monthly basis, Noëlla makes an appointment with my assistant, she appears when I am either away at lunch or at a seminar for the day, and magically the work is completed, filed and processed without any thoughts on my part. When she has completed the monthly work, she leaves my workspace exactly as I left it. Knowing the importance of my business and the organizational needs of my office is an area that Noëlla excels in. Having my business un-interrupted and knowing all the numerous deadlines are taken care of is a benefit befitting royalty.

Ron Adams, CLU, CEP, CWP
Financial Management Seminars
College Funding Assistance
Fair Oaks, California
(916) 967-1797

I have been an attorney in the Sacramento ~ Davis area, for over 30 years. I was privileged to have met Noëlla in 1992 while working as an appellate attorney and, when I branched off to start my own law practice, she agreed to follow me to my next journey in my career. Noëlla makes certain that my law practice financials are in top-notch order and thus she helps make my year-end tax time not the least bit stressful. Her inherent talent in teaching the various aspects of QuickBooks is truly is a benefit I treasure. Noëlla is always patient and very much aware of my shortcomings when it comes to maintaining my workspace; if I mess it up, Noëlla can always fix it.

Kimball J.P. Sargeant, Attorney
Certified Appellate Specialist
Davis, California
Office: (530) 298-7210
Direct Cell: (530) 220-0288

Noëlla was recommended to us in 1997 when we were converting our accounting records from a Safeguard (paper) bookkeeping system to QuickBooks. She was able to work closely with our CPA and create the corporation's financial statements at the beginning of our fiscal year with the transition being efficient and virtually unproblematic. Our clothing business has incurred numerous phases of evolution over the years. Noëlla listened to my needs, helped me get organized and created new systems throughout my store as my company grew. The professionalism that Noëlla brings with her every day, gives me an incredible peace of mind and a smooth running office. Noëlla works independently and is very trustworthy.

Danny Colvin
Real Estate Agent
Sacramento, California
(916) 607-1300

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